If they stand behind you, protect them · If they stand beside you, respect them · If they stand against you, defeat them.
The Ultimate Battle

Play-To-Earn Game

Immerse yourself into the third-person experience within the Samurai Saga’s play-to-earn online game. Built with Unreal Engine for the best gaming experience with action-packed, multiplayer game modes.

Samurai Saga combines open-world exploration with fast-pace combat and a captivating story while earning rewards upon your victory. Choose from an extensive line-up of characters to fit your play style - Cyborg Samurai, Kaiju Monsters, Onna-Bugeisha, and Teen Samurais to join the great battle ahead.

Limited Edition Release

Upcoming NFT Collection

The Story of Samurai Saga


Kaijus are historically-known to be the evil tribe that destroyed the previous civilization. However, as the Cyborg Samurais and Onna-Bugeisha joined forces to enter the great battles, the Kaijus are furiously fighting for victory. A shared bounty is offered to tear apart each Cyborg Samurai or Onna-Bugeisha to yield the high rewards.

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Fueling The Economy

NFT Staking Rewards

Each NFT released by Samurai Saga is the ultimate creator of the $GENKI tokens which fuel the game economics. Holders will be able to choose the duration of their staking to mine the $Genki tokens.

Staking has been in existence since December 2021, upon the initial release of the Cyborg Samurai NFT collection which is only available on Opensea . Future NFT collections will also be eligible to stake their NFTs to mint $GENKI tokens.

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The Native Tokenomics

$GENKI Token

$GENKI token is the native, in-game currency that’s designed to fuel the game economics within Samurai Saga. It will be widely-used for future breeding of our upcoming NFT collection; Kaiju Monsters & Teens Samurais, and to enhance the gaming experience within the Samurai Saga game.

$GENKI token is a community-based token with no advanced preming and it’s solely created by the holders of our NFT collections through staking. It is now also available for purchase on Uniswap.

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